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Name: Oerba Yun Fang.
Alias(es): N/A.
Species: Hyur.
Race: Unidentified, assumed to be Hume (l'Cie).
Chakra Element: Non-Elemental.
Reiatsu Colour: Purple.
Mist Mutation:
    Higher-than-average physical strength. (Late Onset)
    Higher-than-average defensive capabilities. (Late Onset)
    Higher-than-average base Chakra levels and proportionate Reiatsu. (Late Onset)
    Increased Lifespan. (Late Onset)

Approx. Height: 5'9".
Eye Colour: Green.
Hair Colour: Dark brown.
Distinguishing Features:
    A beauty mark below her right eye.
    A large and vaguely dragon-like tattoo at the top of her left arm.
    A white l'Cie brand at the top of her right arm.
    Miscellaneous scars on her right arm and shoulder.
    A distinct accent.

Nationality: Lemurian (Gran Pulse).
City of Birth: Unknown, considers herself from Oerba.
Birthdate: Celebrero (Skyfrost) 7th.
Esper: Adrammelech, the Wroth.
Education: Practical.
Occupation: Monster Hunter.
Affiliations: Clan Ila.
    Class #1: Dragoon.
    Class #2: Commando.
    Class #3: Berserker.

Other Learned Classes: Synergist, Saboteur.
Weapon(s): A bladed lance with the ability to split into a three-section staff.
Allowed Aeon: N/A.
Other Aeons if Applicable: N/A.
Other Abilities:
    ⌘ Pulsian/Old Spiran - Mother tongue.
    ⌘ Krakish - Second Language.
    ⌘ Standard Spiran - Fluent.
    ⌘ Ninjutsu: General Skills - Proficient.
    ⌘ Taijutsu - Expert.
    ⌘ Technological Expertise - Fang is adept in the use of Pulsian and War of the Magi era machina.

Qualifictations: None.
Limit Break:
    ⌘ Ragnarok - Description.


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